Poster Presentation Guidelines

Posters will be on display in the Exhibition Hall from Thursday 17 October to Saturday 19 October. Please put up your poster before 8:30am on Thursday 17 October. Posters can be removed between 1:00-3:00pm on Saturday 19 October. Do not remove your poster before 1:00pm on Saturday. Any poster still on display after 3:30pm on Saturday 19 October will be destroyed.

Guide for Preparation of Posters
Posters should be self-explanatory, so that you are free to supplement and discuss particular points raised by viewers. Remember that your material/illustrations will be viewed from distances of one metre or more. Lettering should be as large as possible and preferably in bold type.

Simplicity is the key:

  • brief captions
  • tables that are few in number but clear
  • succinct text, with large font
  • clear, legible figures

Poster Size

  • Posters must not exceed the space of 1186 high x 900 wide (millimetres).
  • Portrait orientation is required. Larger posters cannot be accommodated.
  • Poster boards will be Velcro compatible. Please bring the hook side of Velcro with you to attach your poster to the board.

Selected poster presenters have been invited to give a short poster discussion presentation. Please check your acceptance email to see if you poster has been accepted as a discussion poster.

Discussion Posters
Poster Discussion Presentations will be a brief oral presentation made in a meeting room without the presence of the poster.

  • Presenters will have strictly 3 minutes to summarise the research methods and results, using no more than 3 PowerPoint slides for illustration. Animations are permitted however should be used sparingly.
  • PowerPoint Presentations should be made to the ratio of 16:9. This can be altered in page setup.
  • There will then be 3 minutes for questions.
  • Immediately following the session, poster presenters are required to stand by their poster in the exhibition hall during viewing time so the poster mentors and other attendees are able to ask additional questions.
  • Please load your PowerPoint presentation in the Speakers' Preparation Room at least 2 hours prior to the start of your session. The Speakers' Preparation Room is located on the ground floor of the convention centre and is open at the following times

Thursday 17 October: 0800-1630hrs
Friday 18 October: 0630-1630hrs
Saturday 19 October: 0630-1630hrs

  • Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with your session venue (details will be in the Meeting App) and audio visual equipment at some stage before you are scheduled to speak.
  • Please be in your session venue at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session and introduce yourself to your session chairperson.
  • If you are the first presenter, be ready to start as soon as the first bell rings.
  • If you are not the first speaker, be sure to move toward the presenters podium during question time of the previous speaker so you are ready to begin as soon as the bell rings.  

Abstract Withdrawal Policy
If you decide to withdraw your abstract, please let us know as soon as possible so that the program can be adjusted accordingly. Final date to withdraw abstracts is 9 September 2019. To view the abstract withdrawal policy click here.

Further Information 
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