Symposia, Plenary and Short Courses

Submissions for Symposia, Plenary and Short Courses for Sleep DownUnder 2019 are now open. The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2019LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Before making a submission please ensure that you have thoroughly read the General Policies and Requirements.


 The lectures proposed by our invited speakers are below. If appropriate, please try to include our international invited speakers into your proposal.

John Axelsson, Professor, Stockholm University
Proposed lecture titles:

- The social side of sleep
- Stress, sleep and health: What are the links?
- The awakening brain
- Sleep in the modern society: Influences of working hours and artifical light

To view John's biography please click here

Frances Chung, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, University Of Toronto
Proposed lecture titles: 

Pre‐Operative Screening for Sleep Apnea and CPAP Treatment: Is this evidence‐based? (45 min)
- Identify the prevalence of adverse events related to sleep disordered breathing in the surgical patient 
- Apply best practices on recognizing which surgical patients are most likely to present with sleep disordered breathing in the hospital setting
- Evaluate the postoperative changes in sleep disorders and sleep architecture in the surgical patients
- Appraise the evidence of support for PAP therayp in the surgical patients with sleep disordered breathing

Chronic Pain , Opioids and Sleep Disordered Breathing:  What Knowledge We Should Have? (30 min)
- Identify the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing in chronic pain patients taking opioids
- What can we do to identify the chronic pain patients who have sleep disordered breathing

Morbid Obesity and Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome: A Clinical Challenge for Surgery and Anesthesia (20-25  min)

To view Frances' biography please click here

Each Short Course is encouraged to invite one overseas speaker outside the membership of ASA/ASTA. The Meeting will provide each Short Course Guest Speaker with the following benefits: 

  • A return economy class airfare up to AUD$3,000
  • Three nights accommodation during the Meeting
  • Complimentary registration for the Meeting
  • Applications for funding can be made within the proposal form. All funding applications will be considered by the Organising Committee however is not guaranteed

Short Course Guest Speakers will present, on average, three times during the Meeting: one plenary or symposium and twice within the Short Course for which they are invited. There is usually also one chairing responsibility. Short Course Guest Speakers are also asked to make themselves avaiable for media interviews during the Meeting. 

You are encouraged to invite national speakers* outside the membership of ASA/ASTA to present during your Plenary or Symposium Session. Funding is avaialble to one speaker per submission. The Meeting will provide each National Speaker with the following benefits: 

  • Non-ASA/ASTA members – reimbursement of up to AUD$1,000 to cover accommodation and/or travel expenses
  • Complimentary registration for the day of your presentation
  • Applications for funding can be made within the proposal form. All funding applications will be considered by the Organising Committee however is not guaranteed

 * Includes speakers from both Australia and New Zealand

Please note – funding is not available for ASA/ASTA members.

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