Diagnosis and management in sleep surgery

Sunday 20 October, 0900-1700
International Convention Centre Sydney

This one-day course is aimed at ENT, dental and maxillofacial surgeons, physicians, paediatricans and dentists who wish to be updated on the options available to their patients and how surgeons approach sleep patients in general.

Central to providing a surgical option to patients with sleep breathing disorders is history taking, clinical examination and clinical interpretation of the polysomnogram. The course will focus on these core skillsets, and extend the audience with application to real world clinical scenarios. In these panel based discussions, various aspects of cases will be touched upon. This will facilitate a comprehensive analysis of the sleep patient, from paediatric to adult, from non-surgical to surgical.

The course is designed to update clinicians on the diagnosis and management of sleep breathing disorders with a surgical focus and will include detail on hypoglossal nerve stimulators. Respiratory physicians and paediatricans are likely to benefit from the discussions around how this fits into the current treatment paradigms.

Learning Objectives

1. Provide clinicians with a framework for approaching history taking and examination from a surgical point of view. 
2. Develop proficiency in interpretation of polysomnography and learn to apply this clinically
3. Develop an understanding of various OSA therapies, both surgical and non-surgical, and when these might be applied based on panel discussion
4. Gain an understanding of surgical treatments available, particularly the emerging role of the hypoglossal nerve stimulator, and its role within the current surgical paradigms


Diagnosis and management in sleep surgery

 0910-0930 Interpretation of the polysomnogram Andrew Jones
 0930-0950 History taking in sleep breathing disorders Rachelle Love
 0950-1010 Examination and clinical assessment Julia Crawford
 1010-1030 Complications of OSA treatment Leon Kitipornchai
1030-1100 MORNING TEA  
 1100-1130 Surgical options for the nose and tongue in OSA Richard Lewis
 1130-1200 Surgical options for the hard and soft palate Stuart MacKay
 1200-1230 Surgical options for the tongue and hyoid Stacey Ishman
1230-1330 LUNCH  

Case based panel outlining diagnostic and treatment
conundrums from differing clinical perspectives


Panel:  Julia Crawford, Stacey Ishman, Andrew Jones, Leon Kitipornchai, Rachelle Love, Richard Lewis, Stuart MacKay, Ryan Soose

1500-1530 AFTERNOON TEA  
1530-1600 Hypoglossal nerve stimulation in adult patients -
the past, present and future of the device
Ryan Soose
1600-1630 Hypoglossal nerve stimulation in paediatric patients -
patient selection, trouble shooting and practical application
Stacey Ishman
1630-1700 Discussion and closing  

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