Sydney is Australia’s largest and most famous city. Whether it’s your first time visiting, or you’ve been before, Sydney is never short of new entertainment. Rich in culture, history, scenery and cuisine, Sydney has a vast range of experiences to offer both international and Australian visitors.

Sydney Harbour and “The Rocks”

Attend a world class show at the iconic Sydney Opera house; wander the halls of the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art; explore the historic sandstone rows and pubs of ‘The Rocks” that date back to Australia’s early settlers; these are just a few of so many things to do on and around Sydney Harbour.

Attractions in Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s Scenery and Outdoors

Sydney is ideally located around a natural ocean harbour, with many beaches easily accessible in the Eastern Suburbs such as Coogee, Tamarama and world famous Bondi BeachManly and Watson’s Bay on Sydney’s Northern region are also ideal seaside hubs enjoy the outdoors and easily accessible by Ferry from Circular Quay.

Fringing many of these areas is protected national park, containing scenic coastal walks such as the highly recommended Coogee to Bondi Walk and the Spit to Manly Walk. Sydney is also host to an array of gardens and the home of the oldest botanic garden in Australia, the 200 year old Royal Botanic Garden.


Sydney’s cuisine is as diverse as its multicultural inhabitants. From Vietnamese street food to Michelin star fine dining, Sydney offers dining for any taste, time or budget.

Learn more about where to go and what to eat on your trip to Sydney, here.

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