Insomnia - practical tips and tools for clinicians

Wednesday 16 October, 0900-1630

This one-day course is aimed at anyone who assesses and treats patients suffering from Insomnia; including, but not limited to, General Practitioners, Medical and Surgical Specialists, Medical and Surgical Advanced Trainees, Psychologists and members who work in areas where they or their patients have limited or no access to sleep psychology services. The course will also be particularly helpful for members who practice in regional and remote areas, as well as Sleep Medicine Advanced Trainees.

This course is aimed at providing attendees with a deeper understanding of sleep psychology and CBT-I - it is not a certification in CBT-I.

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide an evidence-based, concise update of insomnia – diagnosis, classification, aetiology, treatment.  
  2. Be able to appropriately apply and interpret the tools and investigations used to evaluate insomnia.
  3. Knowledge of the key literature regarding the pharmacotherapy available for insomnia and how to practically apply this in practice.
  4. Provide attendees with practical, take-home tools to enable them to trial and initiate key CBT-I techniques with their patients, whilst they wait on sleep psychologist review or in the absence of access to formal sleep psychology.


Insomnia - practical tips and tools for clinicians

0900-0930 Welcome to short course insomnia 101  Jessica Kennedy
0930-1000 Circadian masquerading as insomnia  Melinda Jackson
1000-1030 Practical pharmacotherapy  Claire Ellender
1030-1100 MORNING TEA  
1100-1145 Insomnia assessment tools  Multiple presenters
1145-1230 Intro CBT-I - core knowledge   Hailey Meaklim
1230-1330 LUNCH  
1330-1500 Practical CBT-I break out  Multiple facilitators
1500-1530 AFTERNOON TEA  
1530-1630 Practical CBT-I break out 2   Multiple facilitators

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