New insights in sleep and neurobehavioural function: Bench to bedside

Wednesday 16 October, 0900-1700

This one-day course is intended to provide attendees with current insights into the relationship between sleep and neurobehavioural function. With almost half of the Australian population experiencing insufficient sleep due to social, behavioural and clinical sleep disorders, this short course is aimed at the broader membership of the ASA, and intended to provide emerging insights into the mechanisms linking sleep with neurobehavioural impairment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduce practitioners and researchers to emerging techniques for measuring neurobehavioural impairment, with a focus on signals from polysomnography
  2. Clarify the current evidence regarding the relationship between sleep loss and recovery time, particularly in regards to weekend recovery sleep
  3. Introduce and explore the concept of sleep inertia, and the implications for neurobehavioural functioning
  4. Provide clinicians and the wider audience with a clear insight into the implications of sleep loss and sleep disorders on the occupational health and safety and neurobehavioural impairment


New insights in sleep and neurobehavioural function: Bench to bedside 


Sleep loss, circadian misalignment and neurobehavioural impairment

- current insights, and the need for recovery

Ken Wright Jr
1030-1100 MORNING TEA  

Sleep and neurobehavioural function - emerging insights from

qEEG and hdEEG

Angela D'Rozario
1230-1330 LUNCH  

Neurobehavioral function and alertness failure phenotyping in OSA

Andrew Vakulin
1500-1530 AFTERNOON TEA  

New insights for measuring neurobehavioural impairment in

operational settings

John Axelsson

Sleep and neurobehavioural function - considerations in the workplace

Sally Ferguson

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