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Wednesday 25 October, 0800-1700

This course is aimed at physicians, trainees, nurses and other allied health professionals involved in the assessment and management of patients presenting with acute respiratory acidosis. The focus of the program will be primarily on patients with exacerbations of COPD and those with obesity hypoventilation syndrome.

Participants will be provided with a review of our current understanding of who and how to use NIV in the acute setting. In addition, the role of high flow nasal cannula in the acute setting and where it fits in the respiratory practitioner’s toolbox will be discussed.

Several presentations feature studies carried out in Australia and New Zealand, illustrating clinical practice in a real world local context. Through panel discussions and large interactive sessions, queries and common problems in this area will be explored.

0800-1700    Noninvasive ventilation in the acute setting - the pressure to get it right
0800-0810 Introduction    
0810-0845 NIV for acute hypercapnic respiratory failure - pathophysiology and the rationale behind NIV  Bhajan Singh
0845-0910 Who benefits from NIV in the acute setting?     Matthew Naughton
0910-0935 Optimising settings – settings, device waveforms and downloads  Amanda Piper
0935-1000 The CO2 emission trading scheme: venous vs arterial blood gases Alan Young
1000-1030 Acute asthma - when is NIV appropriate? Matthew Naughton
1030-1100 MORNING TEA  
1100-1235 How are we currently using NIV in the acute setting?  
1100-1125 NIV in OHS – Big trouble in little ICU     Andy Veale
1125-1150 Misuse and Missed use of NIV in the acute setting Alister Neill
1150-1215 Models of care – results from a clinical trial Allan Young
1215-1235 Question time Amanda Young
1235-1330 LUNCH  
1330-1445 High flow nasal cannula – How this should be used in managing acute respiratory failure  
1330-1355   How does HFNC work and how to set it up Alister Neill
1355-1420  Use in the post-extubation period – studies from NZ Rachael Parke
1420-1445 HFNC: does it have a place in acute COPD patients?          Darren Mansfield
1445-1500  Panel discussion: HFNC vs NIV in acute care  
1500-1520 AFTERNOON TEA  
1520-1700 Putting theory into practice  
1520-1600  Clinical Cases  
1600-1625  Acute respiratory failure and sleep - a two way street Amanda Piper
1625-1650 Q&A Session   
1650-1700 Closing remarks  

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