Obesity hypoventilation (OHS) - all you need to know

Saturday 19 October, 0700-0830

This breakfast session is aimed at all clinical members of ASA who see, treat, or manage, problems relating to obesity. Invited speaker Frances Chung  will evaluate the perioperative challenges of patients with morbid obesity and obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and will review the prevalence of morbid obesity and obesity hypoventilation syndrome. The session will end with practical tips for managing patients with obesity hypoventilation, and a Q&A discussion.

Learning Objectives

  1. How does obesity impact on our lives, in particular in sleep and respiratory physiology?
  2. What special precautions need to be taken in managing these patients around any surgery and perioperative period?
  3. Outline expected outcomes of patients with acutely decompensated OHS managed with NIV
  4. Identify factors likely to predict NIV failure in this patient group.
  5. Understand the physiological and clinical indicators for PAP treatment success/failure in OHS
  6. Review the evidence for long term tratment options in OHS


Obesity hypoventilation (OHS) - all you need to know

Morbid obesity and obesity hypoventilation syndrome: A clinical challenge for surgery and anaesthesia Frances Chung
Who needs NIV vs CPAP for long term treatment in OHS Mark Howard
NIV to manage OHS in the acute setting Amanda Piper

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