“How I do it” - practical tips in paediatric sleep medicine

Wednesday 16 October, 0900-1630
International Convention Centre Sydney

This course aims to provide a practical overview on some of the more challenging aspects of paediatric sleep medicine and is targeted at clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals working in paediatrics. Using the expertise of the presenters, the course will cover aspects of diagnosis, evaluation and management as well as discussion regarding the utility of specific investigative tools such as actigraphy and overnight oximetry . There will also be presentation of clinical cases to stimulate discussion around management of complex sleep patients.

Learning Objectives 

1. To provide an approach to the management of children with complex non-respiratory sleep problems
2. To understand the role and limitation of sleep investigative tools
3. To improve understanding of challenges when scoring complex paediatric sleep studies including a review of infant sleep scoring and ventilation studies. 


“How I do it” - practical tips in paediatric sleep medicine

0900-0945 Behavioural insomnia at the pointy end Honey Huessler
0945-1030 The sleepy child: Managing narcolepsy Arthur Teng
1030-1100 MORNING TEA  
1100-1130 Oximetry testing in a tertiary service Indra Narang
1130-1200 Actigraphy as a tool in clinical sleep medicine Scott Burgess
1200-1230 Switching from invasive to non-invasive ventilation Jasneek Chawla
1230-1330 LUNCH  
1330-1415 New scoring rules for infants Alina Nunez
1415-1500 NIV titration studies Rebecca Mihai
1500-1530 AFTERNOON TEA  
1530-1630 Challenging cases All speakers 

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