CEC Points

Sleep DownUnder 2018 and each of the Short Courses have been granted Continuing Education Credit (CECs) points from the Australasian Sleep Technologists Association.

Sleep DownUnder 2018
Points will be allocated as follows:
Thursday 18 October      6.25 CEC’s
Friday 19 October            6.75 CEC’s
Saturday 20 October       6.75 CEC’s

In addition, the Breakfast Symposia Sessions have been allocated:
Friday 19 October            1.25 CEC’s
Saturday 20 October       1.25 CEC’s

This gives a total of:
Sleep DownUnder 2018 Full program = 19.75 CECs
Sleep DownUnder 2018 Full program + 1 approved breakfast session = 21 CECs
Sleep DownUnder 2018 Full program + 2 approved breakfast sessions = 22.25 CECs

** Please note, as participants can only claim a maximum of 8 CEC points in any given day the Breakfast Symposia Sessions could not be allocated the full 1.5 CEC points. However, if these were attended in isolation (i.e., not in conjunction with the full day program) then the full 1.5 points could be claimed.

Short Courses
Points will be allocated as follows: 

  • Assessment and treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness: Risk, rewards and patient perspectives on stimulant use = 5.25 CECs
  • Seeing the whole elephant – A practical guide to assessment tools in sleep medicine = 5.5 CECs
  • Surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea = 5.25 CECs
  • To eat or not to eat?: From animal models to shift workers = 5.25 CECs

Certificates of Attendance will be sent to all delegates following the Meeting. To ensure compliance with accreditation requirements, documentation of attendance must be kept. Certificates stating the name and the date of the event, as well as the amount of CEC’s granted may also be given to those attendees seeking recertification.

These CEC’s may be used for the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists recertification requirements.

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