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This year Sleep DownUnder will offer three Short Courses on Wednesday 17 October, and a one-day Surgical Course on Sunday 21 October.  

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Wednesday 17 October

To eat or not to eat?: From animal models to shift workers
The course would be relevant to the wider ASA and ASTA audience - Sleep and respiratory physicians and technicians, physiologists, circadian biologists, endocrinologists, and neuroscientists. Thus, it would be of interest to the both the clinical and experimental communities of the associations. Given the relevance of sleep loss/disruption and health outcomes to both the clinical and experimental community, it is difficult to imagine any group who would not be interested in this session.
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Seeing the whole elephant – A practical guide to assessment tools in sleep medicine
This course is aimed at sleep clinicians (physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other allied health professionals), scientists, and trainees involved in the assessment, screening and treatment of sleep disorders. This workshop will present the advantages and pitfalls of the most common assessment tools used in paediatric and adult sleep medicine.Through an interactive workshop, participants will be provided with a practical guide to help determine which tool is most appropriate for specific clinical presentations and how to interpret the data gathered from these tools. In addition, participants will gain a better understanding of how to critically evaluate the rapidly expanding field of measurement devices and tools available to them. Through panel discussions, interactive lectures, case studies, and queries, this course will explore common assessment issues and clinical and research applications.
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Assessment and treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness: Risk, rewards and patient perspectives on stimulant use
This course, presented by the ASA Neuroscience Council in association with the Sleep Health Foundation, is aimed at sleep trainees, sleep physicians/neurologists/psychiatrists who deal with excessive daytime sleepiness, and those who have questions about the use of stimulants in this group.  As this course will include presentation and Q&A from those with lived experience of sleep disorders, it would also be useful for representatives of patient groups.
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Sunday 21 October

Surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea
This one-day course is aimed at ENT surgeons, fellows and trainees with an interest in OSA surgical treatment, as well as physicians and allied health professionals who wish to understand the potential role surgery can plan in the treatment of OSA.
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