Short Courses

This year Sleep DownUnder will offer three Short Courses on Wednesday 16 October, and a one-day Surgical Course on Sunday 20 October.  

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Wednesday 16 October

New insights in sleep and neurobehavioural function: Bench to bedside

This one-day course is intended to provide attendees with current insights into the relationship between sleep and neurobehavioural function. With almost half of the Australian population experiencing insufficient sleep due to social, behavioural and clinical sleep disorders, this short course is aimed at the broader membership of the ASA, and intended to provide emerging insights into the mechanisms linking sleep with neurobehavioural impairment.
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Insomnia - practical tips and tools for clinicians

This course is aimed at anyone who assesses and treats patients suffering from Insomnia; including, but not limited to, General Practitioners, Medical and Surgical Specialists, Medical and Surgical Advance Trainees, Psychologists and members who work in areas where they or their patients have limited or no access to sleep psychology services. The course will also be particularly helpful for members who practice in regional and remote areas, as well as Sleep Medicine Advance Trainees.
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“How I do it” - practical tips in paediatric sleep medicine

This course aims to provide a practical overview on some of the more challenging aspects of paediatric sleep medicine and is targeted at clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals working in paediatrics. Using the expertise of the presenters, the course will cover aspects of diagnosis, evaluation and management as well as discussion regarding the utility of specific investigative tools such as actigraphy and overnight oximetry . There will also be presentation of clinical cases to stimulate discussion around management of complex sleep patients.
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Sunday 20 October

Diagnosis and management in sleep surgery

This one-day course is aimed at ENT, dental and maxillofacial surgeons, physicians, paediatricans and dentists who wish to be updated on the options available to their patients and how surgeons approach sleep patients in general.
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