Seeing the whole elephant – A practical guide to assessment tools in sleep medicine

Wednesday 17 October, 0900-1645

This course is aimed at sleep clinicians (physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other allied health professionals), scientists, and trainees involved in the assessment, screening and treatment of sleep disorders. This workshop will present the advantages and pitfalls of the most common assessment tools used in paediatric and adult sleep medicine.Through an interactive workshop, participants will be provided with a practical guide to help determine which tool is most appropriate for specific clinical presentations and how to interpret the data gathered from these tools. In addition, participants will gain a better understanding of how to critically evaluate the rapidly expanding field of measurement devices and tools available to them. Through panel discussions, interactive lectures, case studies, and queries, this course will explore common assessment issues and clinical and research applications.

Learning objectives include:

  1. To describe the utility and validity of using questionnaires to assess and screen for non-respiratory sleep disorders
  2. To demonstrate the function and limitations of movement based devices in assessing sleep disorders
  3. To understand the feasibility and clinical utility of home-based assessment tools for screening and diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  4. To develop appropriate treatment plans based on interpretation of the data gathered from the tools described above

Seeing the whole elephant - A practical guide to assessment tools in sleep medicine

0900-0910 Welcome and introduction Sarah Biggs,
James Slater
0910-0950 Overview of common questionnaires used for clinical assessment of sleep disorders,
sleepiness and fatigue in children and adults
Delwyn Bartlett,
Lisa Meltzer
0950-1030 Interactive case study workshop   Lisa Meltzer,
Denise O’Driscoll
1030-1100 MORNING TEA  
1100-1140 Overview of accelerometer devices and their use in paediatric and adult sleep medicine Lisa Meltzer,
Denise O’Driscoll
1140-1230 Interactive case study workshop   Lisa Meltzer,
Denise O’Driscoll
1230-1330 LUNCH  
1330-1410 Overview of ambulatory assessment tools for screening of paediatric and adult OSA Ching Li Chai-Coetzer, Gillian Nixon
1410-1500 Interactive case study workshop   Ching Li Chai-Coetzer, Gillian Nixon
1500-1530 AFTERNOON TEA  
1530-1630 Panel discussion  
1630-1645 Closing remarks  

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