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Wednesday 25 October, 0900-1600

This short course is intended for health professionals who are involved in the prescription, setup, interpretation and ongoing clinical review of patients using CPAP, BiPAP, and Servo-Ventilation therapy.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Understand the indications for PAP therapy and the different modes
  2. Objectively interpret the technical aspects of PAP therapy
  3. Understand the clinical processes associated with PAP reviews
  4. Understand the PAP algorithms and how to apply these clinically

0900-1600    PAP Therapy: A technical and clinical review from signal acquisition to treatment
outcomes and everything in between
0900-0945 Laboratory Titration Studies Kerry Mellehan   
0945-1030 Titration Protocols Prudence Murray 
1030-1050 MORNING TEA  
1050-1210 PAP Modes: Why, When and How  
1050-1120 Clinical review of PAP modes, what therapy for which condition and why Michael Hlavac
1120-1150 Mode review. CPAP-Autoset. BiPAP-ASV Michael Hlavac
1150-1210 Masks. Full face versus nasal versus pillow. Optimal fit. Addressing mask leak. Other mask issues Rebecca Calwell 
1210-1300 LUNCH  
1300-1400     The Clinical PAP Review   
1300-1320 How to perform a comprehensive clinical PAP review Sally Powell 
1320-1340 Compliance Data. Cloud based compliance. AHI derivations. Download indices, what do they mean Paul Kelly 
1340-1400 Strategies to increase PAP compliance Sally Powell 
1400-1420 AFTERNOON TEA  
PAP Algorithms  
1420-1440 Treatment algorithms. Autoset, ASV Angela Campbell 
1440-1500 Treatment algorithms. IVAPS/AVAPS Sally Powell
1500-1515 How to manage your PAP service Paul Kelly
1515-1600 Group discussion  

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