Surgery for paediatric OSA

Saturday 19 October, 0700-0830

This session aims to keep clinicians updated regarding the evidence regarding disease evaluation in paediatric OSA, what parents can expect to change following surgery, and the implications of persisting disease. There will be discussion of surgical options, anticipated results after surgery, and risks of untreated disease.The session will conclude with a summary of the current understanding of the risks of OSA and its persistence in children so that we understand the imperatives for treatment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Update evaluation methods for OSA and links to OSA outcomes
  2. Update on changes that are seen following OSA in children from an RCT
  3. An ENT surgeon’s perspective on advice to provide to parents regarding tonsillectomy
  4. Understanding the risks of persisting OSA in children


Surgery for paediatric OSA 

Measures of partial obstruction around surgery in paediatric OSA Mark Norman
RCT results around surgery in pre-schoolers with OSA Karen Waters
An ENT surgeons perspective on paediatric OSA Megan Hobson
A paediatric sleep physician’s perspective on paediatric OSA Jasneek Chawla

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