Surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea

Sunday 21 October, 0900-1600
Plaza Room P3, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

This one-day course is aimed at ENT surgeons, fellows and trainees with an interest in OSA surgical treatment, as well as physicians and allied health professionals who wish to understand the potential role surgery can plan in the treatment of OSA.

The course has been granted CPD points by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (1 point per hour in Maintenance of Knowledge and Skill).

Learning objectives include:

  1. To understand the role of surgery in the treatment of OSA
  2. To demonstrate understanding of the OSA surgical history and upper airway surgical examination
  3. To describe the surgical treatment options available in OSA treatment

Surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea

0900-0905 Welcome  
0905-0920 Fundamentals of sleep apnoea Andrew Jones
0920-0940 Taking an OSA history Rachelle Love
0940-0955 Upper airway surgical evaluation in the office Julia Crawford
0955-1015 DISE: Why we routinely do it Madeline Ravesloot
1015-1025 DISE: Why we routinely don't use it Richard Lewis
1025-1035 DISE: Why we sometimes use it Stuart MacKay
1035-1045 Discussion  
1045-1100 MORNING TEA  
1100-1120 Role of investigation in paediatric OSA Stacey Ishman
1120-1140 Treatment of paediatric OSA: Beyond adenotonsillectomy Stacey Ishman
1140-1200 Interpreting the sleep study for dummies Andrew Jones
1200-1230 Positional thearapy in OSA: Combined therapy with surgery Madeline Ravesloot
1230-1330 LUNCH  
1330-1345 Management of the nose Julia Crawford
1345-1415 Management of the soft palate  Stuart MacKay
1415-1445  Management of the tongue Richard Lewis
1445-1500 AFTERNOON TEA  
1500-1555 Panel discussion: Which operation and when All speakers 
1555-1600 Close and housekeeping Julia Crawford

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