To eat or not to eat?: From animal models to shift workers

Wednesday 17 October, 0900-1620

The session would be relevant to the wider ASA and ASTA audience - Sleep and respiratory physicians and technicians, physiologists, circadian biologists, endocrinologists, and neuroscientists. Thus, it would be of interest to the both the clinical and experimental communities of the associations. Given the relevance of sleep loss/disruption and health outcomes to both the clinical and experimental community, it is difficult to imagine any group who would not be interested in this session.

Learning objectives include:

  1. New findings on the importance of appropriately timed meals for health and performance 
  2. New data on the mechanisms that signal circadian misalignment to peripheral tissues
  3. New insights about how to improve metabolism without calorie restriction
  4. New results from studies in shift workers examining actual eating patterns
  5. Important considerations for the implementation of eating and sleep guidelines in the workplace

To eat or not to eat?: From animal models to shift workers 

0900-0910 Opening and introductions Siobhan Banks 
0910-1010 Metabolomics: A new window on peripheral oscillators Hans Van Dongen
1010-1040 MORNING TEA  
1040-1120 Altering the timing of meals to improve metabolic health in shift workers Siobhan Banks
1120-1200 ACan “splitting” the timing of sleep reduce the adverse effects of night shift work? Implications of these novel schedules for health Melinda Jackson
1200-1300 LUNCH  
1300-1400 Time restricted feeding to align clocks and improve health Satchidananda Panda
1400-1440 Links between shift type and mood with food patterns, diet quality and macronutrient intake Alison Coates
1445-1500 AFTERNOON TEA  
1510-1550 How to translate laboratory science into workplace policy Jill Dorrian
1550-1620 Panel discussion All speakers

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