Practical nasendoscopy workshop for sleep and breathing

Sunday 10 October, 0900-1500

This workshop will feature a combination of didactic and hands on guidance on the use of nasoendoscopy in assessing patients with sleep and breathing disorders. Lectures will cover in detail the use of endoscopy to assess nasal function, anatomical contributors to nasal obstruction, allergy, rhinosinusitis, lymphoid tissue and the detailed awake and asleep assessment of the patient with OSA. Target audience is sleep physicians, sleep dentists, general ENT surgeons, sleep technologists and anyone else who manages disorders of the upper airway.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the anatomy and physiology of the nasal and pharyngeal airway
2. Identify anatomical contributors to nasal obstruction and snoring/obstructive sleep apnoea
3. Learn and practice using a flexible nasoendoscope (FNE) in a session guided by sleep specialised ENT surgeons



Practical nasoendoscopy for sleep and breathing 


Welcome and introduction

Dr Leon Kitipornchai & Dr Julia Crawford

Endoscopic Anatomy of the upper airway + Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Dr Lyndon Chan

Endoscopic assessment of nasal obstruction

Dr Martin Hanson

Inflammatory causes of nasal dysfunction

Dr Nick Stow

The art of transoral examination

Dr Nathan Hayward
1000-1030 MORNING TEA  

Practical/Hand on assessment of the nasal/oral airway


Static endoscopic assessment of the upper airway and anatomical phenotypes

Dr Leon Kitipornchai

Dynamic awake endoscopic assessment of the upper airway

Dr Stuart Mackay

Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy

Dr Rachelle Love

Utility of endoscopy to predict sleep outcomes

Dr Leon Kitipornchai / Dr Richard Lewis 
1230-1330 LUNCH  

Practical/Handson upper airway endoscopy

All faculty

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