Student Travel Award

Student Travel Awards are intended to support and further the career development of students who are actively pursuing an academic degree in the field of sleep. Travel Awards will be based on scientific merit of an abstract submitted for presentation at Sleep DownUnder. Length of membership of ASA or ASTA will also be taken into consideration.

All eligible applicants must be a student member of the Australasian Sleep Association or a student member of Australasian Sleep Technologists Association. The applicant’s eligibility should be verified by their Supervisor or Head of Department.

Recipients must be the first AND presenting author of an abstract submitted for Sleep DownUnder, must register and attend the meeting, and submit a program evaluation. Awards will be distributed when the recipients submit their program evaluation at the conclusion of the conference.

The availability of other travel funding, apart from departmental funding, should be disclosed.

To apply for the Travel Award, please follow the instructions below:

  • Indicate your interest in applying for the ASA Travel Award by selecting “apply” on the award submission step when you submit your abstract for Sleep DownUnder.
  • Provide your ASA or ASTA membership ID number. (Note: membership in the ASA or ASTA is required to be considered for an award)
  • The applicant’s salary should be no more than NHMRC PSP1 equivalent (AUD 50,902.00).
  • Provide a signed copy of the Certification by Supervisor/Head of Department form found at the end of the application form. 
  • Submit your abstract before Thursday 11 June 2020.

Applicants will be assessed by the ASM Committee.

Please upload your completed application form within your abstract portal or return it by 11 June 2020 to 

Click here to download the Student Travel Award Application Form

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