Sleep DownUnder 2024

Symposia, Plenary or Short Courses Submissions

Submissions for Symposia, Plenary and Short Courses for Sleep DownUnder 2024 are now open. The deadline for submissions is 8:00pm AEST on Tuesday 2 April 2024


 General Information:

  • Minor changes to accepted submissions will be considered following consultation with the Organising Committee until 1 May 2024. No changes will be permitted after this date.


There are two short course spots available, and the Education and Conference Committees have suggested broad topic areas for these courses based on feedback from recent member surveys:

  • Novel and innovative sleep devices
  • Neurology for sleep clinicians

Short courses addressing these topics are sought as topics of interest to the membership. You are welcome to submit a proposal for a different short course topic if you choose, and it may still be selected depending on the other submissions received.

  • Short Course proposals should be typed into this template and uploaded to the online proposal portal.
  • Short Courses will be held on Wednesday 16 October and are 6 hours duration, excluding breaks.
  • It is recommended that Short Courses be developed as interactive workshops to maximise learning.
  • Please complete the submission form, including the conflict of interest form, in full. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED
  • The Meeting or Education Committee reserves the right to contact the course facilitator to discuss content and/or presenters to ensure outcomes meet ASA requirements.

    Please note: Short Courses must be deemed to be, at minimum, cost neutral to the ASA to be considered. On average, break even occurs at 30 registrants. Please consider whether your course has the potential to attract 30 or more registrants before submitting.


Plenary session proposals should focus on topics that appeal broadly across ASA member groups. Symposium sessions may have a more specialised focus. Proposers should consider whether either of the international speakers could make a contribution to their topics and include this in their session proposal, however availability will need to be checked by the committee prior to their invitation.

Following the success of last year’s dedicated clinical stream, we will be including this on the program in 2024, designed to feature advanced clinical symposium sessions suitable for senior clinicians from multiple disciplines and advanced trainees. Proposers are invited to suggest their symposium for inclusion in the clinical stream if they consider the topic relevant to that audience.

Two international speakers, Maria Bonsignore and Evelyn Constantin have accepted our invitation to present keynote addresses at Sleep DownUnder 2024, and proposers are welcome to include one of them on session proposals.

  • Session proposals should be typed into this template and uploaded to the online proposal portal 
  • First launched in 2019 and continued this year is the option to submit a Year in Review session as a Symposia Session Proposal. Please indicate this on the proposal form and when selecting the Session Type.
  • Plenary and Symposium sessions are 1½ hours duration (maximum 4 speakers).
  • If nominating your submission for a Plenary Session, please ensure it is relevant to the entire membership. Submissions relevant to specific special interest groups will automatically be considered for a Symposium.
  • Please complete the submission form, including the conflict of interest form, in full. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • The Organising Committee reserves the right to suggest combining two or more submissions if they are deemed too similar for separate sessions.



You may like to consider inviting speakers from Australia or New Zealand who are not members of ASA or ANZSSA to present during your Plenary or Symposium Session. There may be a small pool of funding available to cover up to $1000 in accommodation and travel expenses each for these speakers and you can request this funding on your proposal form. Approved speakers will also received complimentary registration for the day of their presentation. The Conference Committee will consider all the applications and let session proposers know whether their funding request is approved.

Please note – travel and accommodation funding is not available for ASA/ANZSSA members.