Sleep DownUnder 2024

New Investigator Award

The New Investigator Award for excellence in the conduct and presentation of research will be made at the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the ASA and ANZSSA. Presentations for consideration for this award will be delivered during the New Investigator Symposium.

All eligible applicants must be a member of the Australasian Sleep Association or the Australia and New Zealand Sleep Science Association. The original work to be presented will have been carried out by the applicant, during the applicant’s research training (up to and including PhD studies or equivalent). Previous winners are ineligible. The age of the applicant will not determine eligibility. The applicant’s eligibility should be verified by their Supervisor or Head of Department.

Submissions for the New Investigator Award are limited to one abstract per author.

Eligible abstracts will be reviewed by the ASA Research Committee, and successful applicants will be required to present their abstract as an oral presentation in the New Investigator Symposium at the ASM. The presentation will be ten minutes followed by five minutes for questions.

Presenters will be required to demonstrate:

  • Excellence in the design, execution, analysis and critical appraisal of their research
  • Ability to communicate key concepts clearly to an audience who have no specialised knowledge in the field
  • Competence in answering questions and discussing points raised by the audience

The oral presentations will be judged by the ASA Research Committee and other members of ASA and/or ANZSSA. The judging will be based on scientific merit and significance (40%), visual (10%) and oral (20%) presentation and understanding/responding to questions (30%). The New Investigator Award will be presented at the Gala Dinner.

Presenters in the New Investigator Symposium must be the first AND presenting author of their abstract and must register and attend the meeting. An applicant who submits multiple first author abstracts for the ASM may only select one to be considered for the New Investigator Award per year.

To submit your abstract and to be considered for the New Investigator Symposium, please follow the instructions below:

  • Indicate your interest in being considered for presentation in the New Investigator Session by selecting “apply for New Investigator Symposium” when you submit your abstract for Sleep DownUnder
  • Download a NIA application form which should be signed by you and your Supervisor/Head of Department and uploaded during the abstract submission process.



  • 2023 Bethanie Menzies and Hailey Meaklim
  • 2022 Anastasia Suraev
  • 2021 Alice Baker
  • 2020 Hannah Scott
  • 2019 Grace Macaulay
  • 2018 Laura Gell
  • 2017 Charlotte Gupta
  • 2016 Liora Kempler
  • 2015 Yasaman Djavadkhani
  • ​2014 Cassie Hilditch
  • 2013 Julia Chapman
  • 2012 Karinna Fyfe
  • 2011 Lauren Nisbet
  • 2010 Rebecca Robillard
  • 2009 Heidi Richardson
  • 2008 Andrew Vakulin
  • 2007 Nicole Witcombe
  • 2006 Sarah Jay
  • 2005 Garun Hamilton
  • 2004 Michael Hlavac
  • ​2003 Siobhan Banks
  • 2002 Brendon Yee
  • 2001 Amy Jordan