Sleep DownUnder 2024

Conference Committee

Sleep DownUnder is organised by the Conference Committee which includes representatives of the Australasian Sleep Association's special interest councils and the Australia and New Zealand Sleep Science Association. Thank you to all the volunteers who work so hard to deliver an amazing conference every year!

Sleep DownUnder Conference Committee

Teanau Roebuck


Camilla Hoyos

Deputy Chair

Rob Shea

Dental Council

Adam Teo

Dental Council

Scott Coussens

Neuroscience Council

Janet Cheung

Insomnia and Sleep Health Council

Christopher Worsnop

Respiratory Council

Charli Sargent

Chronobiology Council

Alexander Wolkow

Chronobiology Council

Nicole Grivell

Primary Care Council

Nick Philips

Surgery Council

Tim Smithies


Angela D'Rozario


Tom Churchward


Moya Vandeleur

Paediatric Council

Kristina Kairaitis

Sleep Physicians Council

Asha Mohabir

Sponsorship and Events Manager

Marcia Balzer



The Research Committee of the Australasian Sleep Association manages the New Investigator Award session and also provides advice to the Sleep DownUnder Conference Committee. Thank you to all the committee members for their support for Sleep DownUnder.

Research Committee

Andrew Vakulin                        Chair

Denise O'Driscoll

Angela D'Rozario

Danny Eckert

David Wang

Fergal O'Donoghue

Jennifer Walsh

Roo Killick

Scott Coussens

Brad Edwards

Amy Jordan

Laurie McLay

Ben Tong