Sleep DownUnder 2023

Sponsored Symposia


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Sleep as a disease modifier and the potential for targeted intervention: A physiology-informed approach

Speakers: Prof Danny Eckert, Ieesha Sparks
Chair: Prof Peter Cistulli
Time: 12.45 – 13.30 (Lunch served at 12.30)

This session will provide an overview of the evidence for inadequate sleep as a chronic disease modifier and the potential for targeted therapeutic interventions to help reverse/minimise adverse related consequences.
In addition, the need to redefine the way in which we diagnose, assess and monitor sleep disruption to better align with the underlying physiological abnormalities of interest will be covered. This will include examples of novel emerging approaches to better define sleep disruption and its consequences which include smarter use of existing signals and development of new metrics.



Mask management - Top 10 lessons of the past 5 years

Speaker: Dr Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD
Time: 07.15 – 08.00 (Breakfast served at 07.00)

Optimal mask management is essential for a successful positive airway pressure therapy. Selection of a proper mask type and fit impacts both the effectiveness of, as well as adherence to, therapy. Novel designs of how pressurized air is provided enhances user experience and reduces adverse effects. Technology to assist with mask selection and adjustments are expected to transform clinical care.


Cloud connectivity and clinical management of PAP therapy

Speakers: Prof Peter Cistulli
Chair: Tom Welch
Time: 12.15 – 13.00 (Lunch served at 12.00)

This ResMed symposium will review the evidence on how PAP therapy telemonitoring through cloud connectivity can assist with the clinical management of people with sleep apnea to improve both short and longer-term PAP adherence. This will include the impact of patient engagement tools and patient self-reported symptoms.

The session will also include an introduction to the new features and benefits of the AirSense 11 platform that utilises cloud connectivity to improve patient adherence to PAP therapy.



What if … private health insurers invested in sleep

Speaker: Dr Moira Junge, Dr David Cunnington, Dr Jennifer Walsh
Chair: Justin James
Time: 12.45 – 13.30 (Lunch served at 12.30)

In 2022, the Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) announced it was investing in sleep under the umbrella of its Sleep Eazzzy with HIF program.

Recognising sleep as one of the key pillars of health, the not-for-profit insurer committed to helping its 50,000+ members get a better night’s sleep through products and services available across a number of its policies.

Knowing poor sleep costs the Australian economy around $14.4 billion each year, HIF’s Head of Data and Proposition, Nikesh Hirani, chats to Dr Moira Junge (Sleep Health Foundation), Dr David Cunnington (Australasian Sleep Association) and Dr Jen Walsh (University of WA) about why private health insurers should be investing in sleep and what areas they should be focusing on.