Helen Bearpark Scholarship

This scholarship commemorates Dr Helen Bearpark who was tragically killed in a road accident in the United States in December 1996, after completing post-doctoral studies at Brown University. Helen was pivotal in the establishment of both the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) and Australia and New Zealand Sleep Science Association (ANZSSA). She was an extremely generous individual who gave a great amount of her time for the professional development of sleep research and the clinical care of patients with sleep disorders in Australia. Helen formed many strong friendships with people in the sleep community internationally and many of these links have continued between Australia and other countries even after her death. Helen travelled extensively and saw great value in learning from individuals and institutions in other countries. The purpose of this scholarship is to allow us to facilitate international travel and exchange by a member of ASA or ANZSSA in order to develop their skills in sleep research or clinical sleep medicine. In addition, the scholarship may be available to a non ASA or ANZSSA member residing outside of Australia or New Zealand who wishes to travel to an institution(s) in Australia or New Zealand for similar purposes, provided the proposed supervisor is an ASA or ANZSSA member. The scholarship is not aimed at allowing individuals to travel to conferences or move overseas for employment (e.g. postdoctoral positions greater than 12 months in duration) but rather to visit institutions in order to develop new or extend previously acquired skills.

This award is open to individuals only. The applicant must be an ASA or ANZSSA member or be sponsored by an ASA or ANZSSA member. The award cannot be made to an individual more than once. The maximum amount awarded for each scholarship is AUD7,500.

The successful applicant will provide a report at the completion of their travel for inclusion in the newsletters of both the ASA and ANZSSA. The applicant should not have received other substantial sources of support for their proposed travel. However, supplemental support from other sources to meet the essential travel and cost of living expenses is allowed if required. There is no age restriction, but the scholarship is intended primarily for individuals who are not yet fully established in sleep research or clinical practice.

Successful applicants are encouraged to present any research resulting from the Helen Bearpark Scholarship at the ASA and ANZSSA Annual Meeting. Acknowledgement of support on any presentations or publications arising from the Helen Bearpark Scholarship is required.

 Applicants should submit the following for consideration by the Selection Committee:

 (1) Brief CV of applicant including:

  • name and contact details
  • ASA membership number or evidence of ANZSSA membership and year of initial membership
  • academic record
  • appointments/positions - present and past
  • awards and honours
  • previous grants
  • brief summary of research - current and completed
  • publications and presentations

(2) Brief description (maximum 2000 words) of the project for which the funds will be used including:

  • field of study
  • brief outline of proposed programme of study or research (maximum 2 A4 pages, single-spaced, including references)
  • brief overview of host institution
  • brief description of how this travel will benefit the applicant’s career in sleep research/medicine, the applicant’s institution, and sleep community in general
  • timetable - specify proposed departure date, commencement date, expected duration of the scholarship, and hours per week if not full-time
  • brief budget with justification including description of how the funds will be used (include other sources of funding support if applicable)

(3) Letter of acceptance from the proposed supervisor/host including:

  • statement of intent to fully supervise the applicant, reality of anticipated outcome and timetable, availability of resources, evidence of recent research achievements within sponsoring/host department

Only full applications with all requested materials submitted prior to the closing date will be considered. All applications should be submitted by 5pm, 30 July.

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Applications will be judged on quality of proposed work (30%), track record and potential of applicant (30%), quality of sponsoring institution (20%), likelihood of enduring exchange and benefit to sleep research/sleep medicine (20%). Length of ASA/ANZSSA membership may be taken into consideration.


After the selection process, recommendations for scholarship are submitted to the ASA Board of Directors and the ANZSSA executive for approval.
The award will generally be announced and awarded at the Annual Scientific Meeting.


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